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Here's a Little About Two Sisters

"Eat Healthy and Live a Long and Active Life!"

We are "Two Sisters," Judy and Karen, who have incorporated our business knowledge and life's experiences to establish "Two Sisters Natural and Organic Foods."  The natural and organic food model came out of our own experiences with our mother, Dori, who is 92 years young and one of our daughters, Jen, who is allergic to soy, eggs, casein, and gluten.

Our mom has lived a full and active life, is still working, driving, and an avid square-dancer. We attribute mom's success to staying active and eating well!  Jen has dealt with the ongoing challenge of avoiding many foods which have seriously impacted her health and her life. Both Mom and Jen are living full lives by staying active and eating the right foods.

Recently, there has been overwhelming evidence that the foods we eat greatly affect our health and longevity.  By eliminating processed foods, hydrogenated oils, added sugars, and gluten from out diets, and adding in whole grains and vegetables, we can significantly impact our health, our brain function, and our ability to live an active and healthy life.

Through this website we hope to make everyone more aware of the need for change and the benefits of including natural and organic foods in our diets. "Two Sisters" offers a wide selection of choices and will develop our site to meet the "food challenges" we face each day.  We wil include recipes that we actually use regularly and advice and information wherever possible.

Whether or not you make the changes to enhance your health and your life is up to you!

We are genuinely "Two Sisters" who just want to help others have a better quality of life through our natural and organic foods.

"Two Sisters" are confident you will find our products to be superior quality, priced competitively and conveniently shipped to your door.

Every order we receive will be afforded our personal attention. If you have suggestions or if you are looking for an item we do not have, please let us know....we will find it for you!  Our website  will continually be a "work in progress."  Feel free to contact us at any time.

Judy and Karen,  "Two Sisters"

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