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Organic Pasta

Those who consume organic pasta enjoy it's “chemical-free pureness.”  This vital meal staple is rich in vitamins, minerals and it does not include any genetically modified ingredients. In addition, natural and organic pasta comes with a “feel good factor,” purchasing and eating it is a healthy guilt-free pleasure.....more than most can say about the foods they consume.

Jerusalem Artichoke Flour

Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sunchokes or lambchokes, are often considered a gourmet vegetable, even though it was a food the original pilgrims lived on.  Jerusalem artichokes are very much like potatoes except their carbohydrates are in the form of inulin rather than starch. Inulin is also a prebiotic fiber that stimulates the growth of friendly and healthy intestinal bacteria supporting good colon health and helps the body to digest efficiently and absorb nutrients more efficiently. Nowadays, Jerusalem artichoke flour is quite popular because it is a rich source of protein and dietary fiber and has a low glycemic index, it is suitable for many people on restricted diets.  

Pasta is the most common use for Jerusalem artichoke flour.  Check out our DeBoles Organic Artichoke Pasta!

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